Help! I’m trying to raise £250 for my new film Watcher!

What is Watcher?

Watcher is a short horror/thriller created by Nottingham based Student and Writer/Director Frazer Varney. 

The film is being created as a final project for University in which I am required to produce a short film - all by myself!

The film follows 2 main characters, teenagers Martin and Sean as a flurry of random murders, mutilations and disappearances occur in their local area. When Martin disappears for two days with no memory of what happened, the two boys take it upon themselves to find out what is going on. Little do they know that in the shadows lurks something much more sinister than they could ever have imagined.

Why should you donate?

This is a project that I am really passionate about. I have, for a long time wanted to create a genuinely thrilling film experience, something that brings in local talents and people with a similar passion to create something that can be appreciated on a ginormous scale. 

I want to entertain people, shock people and make people want more and more and what better way to do it than creating an awesome short film, but I need your help!

If you’d like to know more and help me out then you can find out more information on the page HERE.
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